Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ahhhh October!

Fall has begun, my favourite time of year!  I love all the pumpkin, apple and squash recipes that are coming out.  Be forewarned, my recipes are coming ...One of my recipes has become a true family favourite.  My pumpkin soup with cranberry apple salsa gets better every year, and is requested for a birthday dinner, by my son.  Yup, my son could ask for anything he wants on his bday, and all he wants is that soup!!  I will definitely post the recipe here, so that you can make it for your family, and I have so many other recipes I am working on for you..

If there are recipes you are missing and you are looking to rediscover, let me know and I will find them.  If you have a recipe that is not so healthy and you are leading a healthy lifestyle, let me see the recipe and I will re work it and give you a healthier assured you wont lose any flavour...

Later today I will be starting to post these recipes, I will be posting a recipe for my version of tandoori/curried chicken and a few new and different devilled eggs...keep your eyes out for them tonight.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Coming and goings

Wow, what a week!

Had a gall bladder flare up and had to figure out what triggered it, not real happy but it seems sausage is on my no no list (but i love sausage gravy too much to give it up, so we shall see).  Jr, my son was sick most of the week, right when we were trying to play catch up with his homework and testing.  But it hasnt stopped us from busting our can to get it all done.

Hubby hasnt felt good for the past week, I am kinda thinking the idea of another heart operation looming over him is really getting to him, even if he tries not to let it show.  We just have to deal with his ever changing emotions, perhaps the surgery will put him back on the right track.  I hate not knowing how to approach him and how he will react.

Jr turned into a teenager yesterday.  He says it is just another day, but its a special day since he is entering a different phase in his life.  He got a check from his grandmother yesterday, and he has decided that he will be buying pizzas for dinner tonight. Which that was awesome of him to share with his make it even better and kick it up a notch, I told him my gift to him would be to add onto dinner...I am going to make garlic bread, cinnamon buns with that glaze, chocolate peanut butter bars and churros...I have never seen a smile so big in my life...I think I made his day.  And I had a pint of honey vanilla frozen yogurt in the freezer and to end the day we split that little carton of ice cream between us...made his night.

I will be doing something a little different on here starting today.  I came in contact with a gentleman from a company that produces a line of high end hair care products and skin care products.  We will start out with "before" selfies, and take selfies all during the testing phase...and then a final selfie to show how much our hair has changed because of using his products.  These products are used by some very well known individuals in hollywood...I will also review and describe each product that is used.  These products are all natural, all natural ingredients.

So, my dear readers, you have a lot to look forward to, because beyond that product trial, i will be posting some really great recipes that I have tried this past version of devilled eggs, my version of curried tandoori chicken, etc....keep your eyes open and try not to drool on your keyboard lol.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Fantastic Sale

Readers, I know it is early, but the holidays are right around the corner, or maybe you have a bday coming up and no idea of what to give? Well, come and check out my friend's sale she is having for a very limited time.  From now till Sept. 24th at midnight she is having a 25% off sale.

My friend is Ann Gray, she is celebrating hitting 23,00 likes on her facebook page! Check out her facebook page at:  Esther Destiny' s Jewelry@ www.facebook. com/EstherDestinysJewelry.  I love her jewelry so much that I agreed to post this bulletin/advertisement for her.  She has some of the most unique and beautiful pieces of jewelry you can't find anywhere else.  She has a unique way of wrapping wire that others could only dream of copying...Each piece is one of a kind, they are not mass produced.

Her jewelry is here on Http://  Or just go to etsy and type in EstherDestiny7.

Please, check out this site...the pieces are classic, timeless, and beautiful.  There is something for everyone there.

I do hope you find what you like...Please hurry, time is limited, and you really dont want to miss this great deal.  Tell Ann that Annamarie sent you!

Good luck to one and all!

last night's dinner: Bacon and onion pasta salad

This has become a family favourite after trying it just one time:

Bacon and Onion Pasta Salad:

12 strips of bacon, cooked and crumbled (bacon grease reserved)
6 cups of your favourite pasta, cooked, drained and cooled.
2cups shredded zucchini or sliced cucumber
2cups mayo
3tbsp spicy brown mustard
1 large red onion (small dice)
2tbsp minced garlic
4tbsp seasoned rice wine vinegar
1 tsp sugar
1tbsp fresh ground black pepper
1 1/2 cups crema or sour cream
1/2 cup grated parmesan (green can is fine but fresh is better)
1/4 cup dill pickle relish
2 tbsp sriracha sauce
1 can jalapeno spam (diced small)


In a large bowl, combine the bacon, zucchini or cucumber, mustard, mayo, onion, garlic, vinegar, sugar, pepper, crema/sour cream, parmesan, relish, sriracha and spam, mix thoroughly.  Toss in the cooled pasta, mix the dressing and other ingredients thru the pasta, till thoroughly combined.  Serve room temp or for more flavour, cover the bowl and let sit in the refrigerator for a few hours before serving.

This is a great pasta salad, with a pleasant little kick.

Monday, September 15, 2014

life's craziness

Hello all my followers/readers and friends...

I am sorry I have been incognito for awhile but let me give you a little rundown, and you can see what's kept me off here for so long..

I went in for knee replacement surgery, during the last week of june, and that kept me flat on my back for at least 2 weeks.  No fun, let me tell ya, to be honest, in hindsite, had I known there was going to be this much hassle and pain, I would have never had the surgery to begin with.

I just found out today, 9/15, that I will be going back in for a follow up surgery, tomorrow...nothing like last minute planning.  I have been told it is a day procedure, not really surgery but they refer to it as such.  It is supposed to be a procedure that only lasts about 30 minutes, of course, the last time I went in for a day surgery I was put in ICU for a week.  So, we shall see.

About three weeks after having my knee surgery, I ended up back in the hospital.  I was sicker than a dog, and had to be taken in to the er, where I was put thru every imaginable test, including giving up nearly 15 or so vials of blood.  I was told, I now have to deal with gall stones, fibroids in my female parts, and blood clots stemming from my surgery.  I can never get a break...

Had a biopsy done a couple of weeks ago, all tests came out negative for cancer.  Thank God. That is the biggest break I could get.

So as you can see it has been extremely chaotic.

But, I am back, and I will be posting some fantastic recipes and reviews for you.   So this is the first in a long line of posts.  I hope to get some of these posts going today, if not by wednesday...and that is a promise.

If any of my readers out there have any ideas about what they would like to see me post, such as themes, recipe ideas, holiday ideas, etc...bring them on.  Have any of you been looking for a long lost recipe, or recipes from certain restaurants you would like a copycat recipe of, just drop me a line.

Be writing at you very soon!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Review of Imperial Dragon's Coconut Milk

Alright readers, pay attention, I have another great product here for ya...

As you all know, I do a lot of cooking and baking. Well, I decided to do a West Indian dish that called for coconut milk. I haven't bought coconut milk since I left California.  But, looking around Walmart, I found a couple of different brands of coconut milk, but the one that caught my eye was Imperial Dragon's brand.

Imperial Dragon has a very eye catching label, it is the mid range pricing, not too cheap and not over the top expensive.  It is a good sized can (13.5 fluid ounces, to be precise).  So, I picked it up for the dish I was preparing.  Needless to say, I was exceptionally happy that I did pick up this brand of coconut milk...The first thing I noticed, beyond the brightly coloured packaging, was the wonderful natural coconut smell that blossomed from the can.  It smelled like fresh coconuts, not that artificial crap.  Anyway, it had a wonderful consistency, nearly that of coconut cream!  It was thick and luscious, silky.  Perfect for the dish I was making.  When I added it to my recipe, it blended well, and gave my dish a richness that I have not found in using other brands.  The flavour it added was amazing...!!  All I can say is that I can't wait to try other products from this company.  Because after trying just one product, you can imagine I am already sold on this brand!

Go out and grab yourself some of this coconut milk...put it in ice cube trays, freeze it up and use the cubes in smoothies, or in tea for added richness and health benefits.  It also works well if you are baking and want to add regular milk...use this coconut milk instead.  It adds incredible depth of flavour,  it's better for you than milk, and the health benefits are out of this world!

What more can I say?  Stock up and try it for yourself!          

Friday, June 6, 2014

Glee products...Make Your Own Chocolate Kit

I have a very unique product to review for you, from a very interesting company.  Most folks on the west coast and southwest (like me), have never heard of the Glee company or its products.  But let me tell you, this is a company you may want to learn more about...for your own knowledge, purchasing pleasure and a great place to go for gifts.

Are you looking for something to do with your kids now that school is out?  Are you looking at a gift for father's day?  Birthdays coming up?

Here is a unique item called the "Make Your Own Chocolate Kit"....and it is literally just is nothing like going to the store and picking up a chocolate bar and enjoying the flavour, right?  Wouldn't you enjoy that chocolate a little more if you made it yourself, from fresh ingredients, so that you know exactly what goes into making your chocolate?

This kit takes you from the historical beginnings of the xolatl of the Aztecs to the chocolate we know today...

In this kit you get a brief historical tour of how chocolate begins and a very detailed instruction shee,
cocoa butter, confectioners sugar, paper candy liners, starter crystals, cocoa powder, temperature indicator, and whole cacao beans! It's all in there!  The instructions even tell you what mix ins work well with this kit!

This is an incredible kit to make alone or better yet, with your kids.  The simple instructions are easy enough for a child to follow, but mom and dad should always be with them because this does entail using the stove, and/or microwave and can cause burns if a child is not familiar with using this equipment properly.

Just to tell you a little more about this fantastic company...The idea for Verve, the makers of this fantastic kit, came about in 1992, when they visited an economically depressed, chicle producing community in Northern Guatemala.  In case you were wondering, chicle is what gives gum its chewy consistency.  Until their trip, they had never given any thought to what made gum chewy.  Nowadays your big gum companies use synthetic chicle, since it is easier to come by, and quicker and easier to make than using natural products.

The goal of Verve, Inc. was to purchase chicle and support chicle harvesting, since it is a sustainable practice that benefits both rainforest conservation and the local economy in forest regions.  Hence Verve was born and they have had a thriving company ever since.  Their first product was something called the "Make Your Own Chewing Gum kit.

Now to be perfectly honest, everyone is getting tired of being the throwaway society, we are all doing what we can to live "green", we do our best to live sustainably, and are more aware of our "footprints".  What better way to teach kids about such things than buying products from this amazing company!

And if this kit is any indication of how great their other products are, I am going to beat a path to the local store that sells their products (World Market, in my case) or online.  I can't wait to try their whole line of products...and rest assured, I am going to stock up on their products for upcoming holidays, and hand a box of their products over to Santa to put in the kid's stockings at long as he puts some in my stocking too!!